Bijak Vyapaar: The Best Grain Trading App

Bijak Vyapaar - The Best Grain Trading App

India is an agricultural country and the agriculture sector is the backbone of the Indian economy. In India, the agricultural trade operates through the mandi system, which is facilitated by the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC), a pivotal institution that regulates and oversees the process. Mandi is a marketplace where farmers and suppliers gather to sell their agricultural products to traders, who then sell them to wholesalers or retailers, forming a vital link in the supply chain. For several years, the agricultural business in India has been functioning in an unorganized manner. However, to bring better coordination and organization, the ‘Bijak Vyapaar’ app has been introduced for grain suppliers. In this blog, we will delve into the details of the Bijak Vyapaar App.

‘Bijak Vyapaar’ is a part of India’s most trusted agricultural trading app, Bijak, which has earned recognition from the Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals (ISAP) and the Ministry of MSME. Trading agricultural products on Bijak Vyapaar is absolutely secure and risk-free. As a grain supplier, you can leverage the app to sell your products at a competitive and profitable rate.

Know the Bijak Vyapaar app

Bijak Vyapaar is a digital platform designed to facilitate grain trading, keeping in mind the needs of thousands of trusted grain suppliers across India. As India’s largest and most reliable grain trading app, it guarantees that suppliers receive accurate rates for their products at the district/city level. With a network of over 2,000 mandis, including Neemuch Mandi, Azadpur Mandi, UP Mandi, and Pratapgarh Mandi, the largest grain-selling marketplace provides suppliers with access to the latest grain rates and the best deals, all in one convenient space.

Benefits of Bijak Vyapaar app

1. Network of Verified Traders

Bijak Vyapaar App has verified wheat, rice, bajra, jowar, barley, oats, maize, soyabean suppliers from all over India. With the help of this app, grain suppliers are selling their grain commodities to trusted grain buyers and growing their businesses exponentially.
Bijak Vyapaar - The Best Grain Trading App

2. Mandi prices of 100+ grain products at the district/city level

Be it, Khanna Anaaj Mandi of Ludhiana, Punjab, or Ladwa Mandi of Haryana, the Bijak Vyapaar app allows posting your selling requirements of good quality grains including wheat, rice, millets, jowar, barley, oats, maize, soybean, pulses (dal), etc. in tons/quintals. Not only this, but you can also identify the price of your grain commodity at the district/city level.Bijak Vyapaar - The Best Grain Trading App

3. Add your grain commodities

You can choose a grain as per your interest and the app will show the selling prices for the selected commodities.

4. Watchlist

You can add a commodity to your watchlist by clicking on 💚 icon next to the grain commodity you are interested in.
Bijak Vyapaar - The Best Grain Trading App

5. Price Trends

With the ‘Price Trends’ feature, you can monitor fluctuations in grain prices over the past few days and make informed decisions about the optimal rate at which to sell your commodity.


Bijak Vyapaar - The Best Grain Trading App

‘Bijak Vyapaar’ is accessible in both Hindi and English languages, making it the most user-friendly app for Indian grain traders. Within just one month of its launch, the app has been downloaded by over 5000 users. In the near future, the ‘Bijak Vyapaar’ app will introduce features that will aim to simplify the lives of grain suppliers. As a grain trader, it is strongly advised to download the Bijak Vyapaar app and encourage your fellow traders to explore the benefits of the platform. Stay informed on the latest rate updates from all over India to optimize your sales and grow your grain trading business.