How To Find Online Sabzi Mandi Rates In India

How to find Online Sabzi Mandi Rates in India?

Despite India being a formidable producer of agricultural good, a brief look at our agricultural sector’s processes would show that there is room for improvement in every part of the agri-value chain. The agricultural trading sector of India is an unorganized sector and there are many areas which have remained unchanged for decades. However, newly introduced agritech solutions are bringing about phenomenal changes in these areas. Online mandis is one such innovation that requires a closer look.

Mandis in different parts of the country play an essential role in the Indian agricultural mandi business. Traditionally, farmers, commission agents, and suppliers had a habit of visiting mandis to know about the latest rates. However, they usually had access only to nearby mandis. They were often not aware of profitable mandi rates in other states. Bringing mandi rates online gave farmers, commission agents, and suppliers the opportunity to compare commodity rates across the country. The farmers and suppliers were thus in a position to fix the most profitable rates for their commodities by comparing the rates in their state. Similarly, buyers could compare the rates provided by suppliers against those listed online to choose the most profitable option.

Thanks to the increasing use of agritech solutions in the last few years, the activity of checking mandi rates online has increased among farmers and mandi traders. Traders now don’t need to go to the mandis themselves, and can access mandi rates via computers or smart phones. This is convenient and saves them both time and money.

Finding mandi rates online

Mandi rates on social media groups
You will find many community groups of krishi mandi traders on platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, where you can connect with a large network of mandi traders. Traders from different mandis are present in these groups, and they keep posting photos and rates of their produce. However, there are some disadvantages to joining these social media groups. Most of these groups are made of traders who trade in the same commodity or a limited number of commodities. Therefore, it may be difficult to discover the rates of your specific commodity. Similarly, you might get annoyed due to constant notifications, and only some posts will be of interest to you.

How to find Online Sabzi Mandi Rates in India?

National Agriculture Market (e-NAM)
In 2016, the e-NAM portal was launched by the Government of India. This digital portal provides an online marketplace for farmers to sell their crops. Besides selling crops, they can also get solutions to their problems. You can check the commodities rates from mandis registered with e-NAM in the AGMARKET section on the e-NAM website.

On July 14, 2022, Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Narendra Singh Tomar launched the Platform of Platforms (POP) under National Agriculture Market e-NAM at the State Agriculture and Horticulture Ministers Conference in Bengaluru. National Agriculture Market (e-NAM) announced the integration of 41 private entities providing trading, transportation, logistics, warehousing, quality check, packaging, weather forecast, and fintech services in the mandi business under POP.

India’s most trusted agri trading app, Bijak, is also proudly associated with e-NAM. The main objective of this POP is to provide end-to-end services to farmers and mandi traders. Under this integration of e-NAM and Bijak, farmers and mandi traders can trade with counterparties who give them the best price for their commodities. With this integration, Bijak will be able to empower more agri traders and farmers in times to come.

How to find Online Sabzi Mandi Rates in India?

Mandi Rates feature on Bijak
Previously, we talked about the top vegetable mandis in India. In this blog, we’ll learn how to find vegetable mandi rates online.

Bijak is India’s most trusted Agri trading app. Here, you can check the latest mandi rates of 200+ top mandi commodities from 2,000+ mandis across India. The mandi rates feature of Bijak is essential for every mandi trader. You can check and compare the rates of their commodities in different mandis from any place. Apart from this, you can use this information right away while negotiating a deal with other traders on the Bijak app using the Bijak Market feature.

If you want to check mandi rates on the Bijak app, create your Profile for free. Please make sure you add the commodities you trade in so that they are fetched on priority when you access various features. Next, go to the mandi rates section on the Home screen and check the mandi rates of your desired krishi mandi commodities.

How to find Online Sabzi Mandi Rates in India?

How to find Online Sabzi Mandi Rates in India?

Bijak has simplified the agriculture mandi business of India. The app makes it easy to check mandi rates and seal the deal by getting the best rates. Plus, you can buy or sell the desired commodities on the app, and even make and receive payments on the app. This makes Bijak app a one-stop solution for your agricultural commodity trading. So, download the Bijak app now and grow your krishi mandi business without delay.

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