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Know The Top Vegetable Mandis Of India

Know about India’s Top Vegetable Mandis

How do agricultural mandi businesses work? Traders and farmers bring their produce to mandis for sale and get good rates for their crops from the buyers. Agricultural products are traded across various mandis of different states of India. In this article, we will discuss some of the top vegetable mandis of India.

Top vegetable mandis of India

Azadpur Mandi, Delhi

Talk about India’s top sabzi mandis and the Azadpur mandi of Delhi would be the first anyone would name. Azadpur mandi is the country’s and Asia’s largest fruit and vegetable mandi. Every day, 4000 to 5000 trucks of fruits and vegetables are bought here by farmers from different parts of the country. This market is also known as ‘Choudhary Hira Singh Wholesale Vegetable Market, Azadpur, Delhi’.

Over 1 lakh farmers, suppliers, and buyers visit Azadpur mandi on a daily basis. There are about 4000 commission agents who buy and sell agricultural commodities in this market. Mandi goods from all the states of India reach here. Azadpur Sabzi Mandi is spread over an area of 80 acres.

Ghazipur Mandi, Delhi

After Azadpur mandi comes another important sabzi mandi of Delhi – Ghazipur mandi. Ghazipur mandi is in close proximity to the Ghaziabad border of Uttar Pradesh. Ghazipur Mandi is spread over about 38 acres. There are around 600 shops and 500 vendors here. About one lakh people visit this vegetable mandi on a daily basis. The market is popularly known as the ‘Fruit and Vegetable Market, Ghazipur’. A huge amount of agricultural produce is traded from this mandi to the Delhi/NCR regions.

Mumbai Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Navi Mumbai

Located in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, it is the biggest agricultural market in the city where all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and spices are traded. Usually, large suppliers and retailers buy products from local markets and hawkers of this mandi in the morning hours. The market has 3700 godowns, 1500 commercial blocks, 4 large auction halls, 2 huge warehouses, and 5 large wholesale market yards. Every day, many trucks, mostly from the districts of Maharashtra like Nashik, Pune, Sangli, and Satara, line up for buying vegetables in bulk.

Neemuch Mandi, Madhya Pradesh

Neemuch town in Madhya Pradesh is known for its Agriculture Produce Market. It provides livelihood to many people living in the region. From cereals and spices to fruits and vegetables, many agri products are traded in the agriculture market of Neemuch. It is also counted among the largest herbal mandis of Madhya Pradesh.

Agriculture Produce Market Committee, Nashik

Nashik is the biggest onion hub. When it comes to the total production of onions in India, Nashik accounts for the largest share. Nashik onions are not only consumed within the country but are also exported to other countries. However, in the Agricultural Produce Market Committee of Panchavati, Nasik apart from onions, other vegetables are also traded. Farmers bring fresh vegetables here to sell and buyers from Nashik as well as nearby mandis buy these vegetables at the best rates.

Agriculture Produce Market Committee, Uttar Pradesh

Pratapgarh Mandi, located in Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh is one of the biggest vegetable markets in India. Around 300 traders are registered with Pratapgarh Mandi Committee. Even though all types of fruits and vegetables are bought and sold here, the vegetable mandi is mainly known for Amla trading.

Koyambedu Periyar Vegetable Market, Chennai

Spread over 54 acres in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, the Koyambedu Periyar Vegetable Market is one of the largest wholesale markets for fruits and vegetables. It has more than 1000 wholesalers and 2000 retail outlets. Agricultural produce from other south Indian sabzi mandis like those in Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh are brought here for sale. It is also the most popular agricultural mandi in South India.

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We hope that the information about the top mandis of India will prove to be beneficial for you. If you want to know about any agricultural commodity traded in different mandis then let us know in the comment section. Do not forget to follow our social media handles for quick updates and information.

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