Bijak Diwali Dhamaka – Bringing Light To Indian Agriculture Trading

Bijak Diwali Dhamaka Is Bringing Lights To Indian Agriculture Market Bijak Diwali Dhamaka Is Bringing Lights To Indian Agriculture Market

Diwali holds great importance in Indian culture. The festival of lights removes darkness from our lives and inspires us to reach our goals and attain happiness. However, what is darkness? Darkness is nothing but the problems in our lives and light is the solution. You can say that we launched Bijak app in 2019 to shed light on the mandi business and to bring prosperity to the lives of mandi traders across India.

The Bijak app helps mandi traders across India do digital trade of agricultural commodities in a secure and organized manner. Not just this, Bijak also holds many big events for mandi traders to keep the mandi business exciting. In the year 2020, Bijak started Diwali Dhamaka and within two years this event became ‘The Biggest Festival of Krishi Mandi’.

What Is Bijak Diwali Dhamaka?

Win Prizes up ₹12,00,000
Win Prizes up ₹12,00,000

Today many mandi traders wait throughout the year for the Diwali Dhamaka competition. After hearing this, you may wonder “What is Bijak Diwali Dhamaka?” Bijak Diwali Dhamaka is an exciting competition that is held on the Bijak app for one month, concluding in Diwali. In this event, the mandi traders can win big and exciting prizes like bikes, fridges, tablets, and gold and silver coins that are worth ₹12,00,000.

How Bijak Diwali Dhamaka Works

Trade More To Earn More
Trade More To Earn More

When we look closely at the nature of mandi traders’ work, we realize that they actually start their day way before us. They start their work early in the morning and stay in mandis till evening till they finalize everything for that day. We thought why don’t we bring some moments of joy and excitement into the lives of our mandi traders? That’s how we came up with the Bijak Diwali Dhamaka. We created this competition so that our mandi traders can do their daily work and easily participate in the competition. It happened just as we thought. For the last two years, we have received a tremendous response from mandi traders for the Bijak Diwali Dhamaka.

In this competition, there are multiple award categories that cater to all types of mandi traders. Traders can easily know the details of these award categories on the Bijak app. You can also download the Bijak app right now to know and participate in the competition as the Bijak Diwali Dhamaka is live till 23rd October 2022. Apart from these categories, during the Bijak Diwali Dhamaka, people who do most transactions on the Bijak app are chosen as Aaj Ka Superstar and Aaj Ka Khiladi. They get bumper prizes and also get honorable mentions on the social media handles of Bijak. View Diwali Dhamaka on Bijak Stories to see who these winners are!

The Importance Of Bijak Diwali Dhamaka

Winner of previous year
Winner of the previous year

Since the year 2019, we have been working towards the mission of digitally transforming mandi trade in India. Whether it’s showing the latest mandi rates to mandi traders, creating a wide and verified network of mandi traders, or giving 100% secure payments, we do not leave any stone unturned to make sure every mandi trader gets a wonderful trading experience on the Bijak app.

The happiness and satisfaction of mandi traders are our first priority. For the last two years, we are trying to solve the different problems in the mandi trading business. Also, with competitions like Bijak Diwali Dhamaka, we are trying to make mandi trading more exciting. If you’re still not a part of Bijak family, then we suggest you download and install the Bijak app to make your mandi trading business more efficient.

We hope that we have been able to tell you how Bijak is trying to bring the light of prosperity in the mandi trading of India. If you liked this blog then don’t forget to follow, like, and share this blog with other mandi traders.