Bijak App From Bijak Users Point Of View (Part 2)

Bijak App From Bijak Users Point Of View (Part 2) Bijak App From Bijak Users Point Of View (Part 2)

Bijak has been delighting its users for more than 3 years now. Our journey of onboarding a great deal of suppliers and buyers spread across 27 states and 900+ regions was not a smooth one. We have striven to reach the point that we are at right now, by solving real-life trading problems, such as delayed payments, limited trading networks, real-time mandi rates, etc. We are slowly heading to a place where we no longer have to brag about ourselves and our accomplishments. Our user testimonials say it all. In today’s article, you will get to know India’s most trusted agri-trading app from the user’s point of view and also, how it helped them expand their businesses.

Buyer – Anil Yadav and his muneem Kamruddin, Anil & Sons, Khandsa mandi, Gurugram

We interviewed the owner of Anil & Sons, a company in Khandsa mandi of Gurugram along with his muneem Kamruddin. They have been associated with this agri commodity trading app for a long time. While talking to us, both of them emphasized how Bijak helped them find trustworthy counterparties, even in far away mandis, and expand their network, “Earlier, we had a lot of local traders, but ever since we connected with Bijak company, we have made many new links outside our region”. Kamruddin confidently confirmed that they are now dealing with traders they have never dealt with before, “Our business with outside traders has grown and it keeps growing. We’re dealing with traders from Assam, Guwahati, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Haryana. We’re getting commodities from all over Uttar Pradesh”.

Bijak’s main motive is to ease the life of mandi traders. We know how important it is to make payments on time but at the same time, we also understand the struggle of arranging money urgently. At Bijak, we ensure that our Buyers are able to make quick payments to their Suppliers at any time, “We benefited a lot with Bijak. Earlier, the trader’s payment never used to go on time, but now it goes on time. It makes both the traders and us very happy”. Kamruddin mentioned how this feature from Bijak has helped their business grow exponentially.

Supplier – Shri Gyaneshwar Nigwe, Kashiganga Traders, Nashik

Gyaneshwar Nigwe who has been trading in agriculture commodity market in onion, soybean, oilseeds, etc., in the Vinchur market of Nashik has similar thoughts about the Bijak App, “Bijak has brought about major changes in our business. There has also been a lot of progress because of this”. One of the major issues that Suppliers face is finding the right Buyers at the right time, considering the shelf life of commodities they deal in. Bijak ensures that our Suppliers get to deal with trusted Buyers or commission agents. The platform also gives them the opportunity to explore more mandis and expand their business. “Earlier we use to trade only in specific regions. Now with Bijak, we are supplying commodities to places where we couldn’t supply earlier, and we have received good responses too”.

Gyaneshwar Nigwe enthusiastically spoke about expanding his business in northern and southern India with the help of Bijak App. He said, “Earlier, we only used to trade locally, but with the help of Bijak, we have now started trading in other states too. States like Punjab, Guwahati, southern regions, Karnataka, Delhi, where we could not supply earlier, now we have started supplying commodities there too.” He added, “3-4 years ago when we started trading, we used to load 15-20 trucks in a month. Now after joining Bijak, we load at least 90-100 trucks in a month.”

Bijak, the best app for commodity trading also provides ‘Payment Guarantee’ service to their Suppliers which means they’ll get assured payments from their Buyers. Not just this, Suppliers can also send payment reminders to their Buyers with just a single tap. Gyaneshwar Nigwe said, “We get good rates for our commodities, and payments happen quickly too. That’s why even the farmers are happy”.

At last, we would just like to add that a great customer experience doesn’t just happen, it is planned, executed, and then delivered. Bijak believes in giving the best user experience. We hope you enjoyed reading this testimonial-based article. If you liked this article, share your comments below. Don’t forget to follow us to get all the latest updates on the Bijak blog. Bijak is India’s most trusted agri-trading app that enables suppliers and buyers of agricultural produce to discover each other across new markets. You can download our app from Google Playstore and Apple App Store.