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Expand Your Business With The Bijak App: Agri Tech Company

Indian agri trader on Bijak App

Indian agri trader using Bijak App

You may be surprised to know that the agri sector grew 4.1% rate in the fourth quarter of FY22. And this was despite the covid pandemic, climate change, the political situation in Ukraine, etc. Experts say that this growth was also due to the performance of the non-crop sectors like horticulture, floriculture, animal husbandry, and good exports. Therefore, agriculture sector is turning out to be a profitable sector for the stakeholders. When it comes to technological advancements, the introduction of agri-tech solutions, the widespread availability of inexpensive smartphones and faster internet connectivity is steadily transforming the face of agriculture.

Nowadays you come across agri tech companies that focus on different aspects of the agri value chain, be it farm inputs, logistics or finance. However, there are some aspects of agri trade that rely majorly on the trust factor. If you’re an agri trader, how often do you connect agri tech company and network with new traders? Most probably, this is a rare occurrence. You may have the desire, but the risks are too high. When you trade in lakhs worth of commodities, you want trustworthy counterparties. And this is where the Bijak app can help you.

The Bijak app (Agri Tech Company) has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of Buyers and Suppliers like you across India. We have a rigorous verification process which ensures that trustworthy traders are successfully onboarded and given the right visibility and support they require to expand their business. One of the core features of our app that enables pan-India trade is the ‘Marketplace’ feature. We’re going to give you some tips that can change the way you do business on the Bijak app. But first, let’s understand what this feature is.

‘Marketplace’ feature on Bijak

If you’re a Buyer (commission agent), farmer or Supplier, you obviously approach the business from two different angles – Buying and Selling. Keeping this in mind, we have designed the app to cater specifically to Buyers and Suppliers based on their roles. Therefore, a Supplier can access the Marketplace feature from the ‘Sell’ tab on the bottom navigation bar, while the Buyer can access it with the ‘Buy’ tab. If you’re a Buyer, you will land on the ‘Buy Commodities’ screen and if you’re a Supplier, you’ll find yourself on the ‘Sell Commodities’ screen.

Now let’s look at some of the benefits provided individually to both users.

‘Marketplace’ feature for Buyers

If you’re a Buyer or commission agent, you can view all the commodities that Suppliers across India have listed on the ‘Buy Commodities’ screen. You can see all the details and commodity images added by the Suppliers. You can tap on their cards to get a complete picture of what they are trading from the additional details like ‘Selling Range’ and ‘Trade Volume’ per week.

Bijak Marketplace

We understand the importance of having a conversation before fixing the deal, therefore we have added Call and Chat buttons too. You can ask the Supplier to share more commodity images, variety of details, and price options in the chat. Once you are satisfied, you can proceed with adding an order.

Chat option on Bijak App

If you have a specific requirement that cannot wait, you can directly ‘Add Order’ on the ‘Buy Commodities’ screen. This way, your requirement will appear on the Supplier’s screen within 24 hours.

Buy Commodities form on Bijak app

‘Marketplace’ feature for Suppliers

If you’re a Supplier, you can view all the commodity requirements that Buyers or commission agents across India have listed on the ‘Sell Commodities’ screen. Their ratings are also displayed here, and this is based on their transaction history on the Bijak app. You can tap on their cards to know more about their ‘Buying Range’, contact person, and business location.

We understand that most Suppliers are apprehensive about receiving their payments on time. This is why we provide the ‘Payment Guarantee’ service. Now Suppliers can get assured payments on time in return for a small Guarantee Charge.

Payment Guarantee on Bijak App

You can contact the commission agent for more details using the Call or Chat buttons. You can also share more commodity images as well as pricing details with him over chat. Once you are satisfied, you can proceed with adding an order.

Chat option on Bijak App

If you want to list your commodities for sale, you can directly ‘Post Supply’ on the ‘Sell Commodities’ screen. This way, your commodities will appear on the Buyer’s screen within 24 hours.

Sell Commodities form on the Bijak app

Agri Tech Company: Tips from successful traders on Bijak

Even though Bijak App is a digital Agri Tech platform, we have noticed that the traders who are most successful on this app have certain traits that help them network well and get the best deals. Here we’re listing the top five things you can do to create a great impression and have successful business dealings.

We hope these tips have been helpful from the Bijak agri tech company. If you’re a trader on the Bijak app, please tell us how your experience has been. If there are some networking tips we have missed, feel free to give us the details in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like, share and follow the Bijak blog for weekly updates. Bijak is India’s most trusted agri-trading app that acts as a meeting point for farmers, Buyers (commission agents), and Suppliers. It oversees trade in over 150 commodities and most of that trade happens on the Marketplace feature! If you’re an agri trader, you can download our app from Google Playstore and Apple App Store. You can also call us at 8588998844 or email us at

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