Delhi’s Mandis To Get A Facelift

Revamping Delhi Mandis Revamping Delhi Mandis

Last week, the Delhi government has passed a budget of ₹476.89 crores for the development of mandis in the capital. The government targets to revamp the Indian mandis in the financial year 2022-23. Other than Azadpur Mandi, the Agriculture Produce Market Committee and Delhi Agricultural Marketing Board have given about ₹13.34 crore to Fruit and Vegetable Market in Ghazipur and ₹13.96 crore to FP and EMC in Ghazipur. They have also given ₹8 crore to Flower Bazar and ₹18.91 crore to APMC Keshopur. 

Agriculture Minister in Delhi government, Gopal Rai said that along with Tikri Khampur wholesale market, Ghazipur’s fruit and vegetable market and poultry market will also be developed. Also, there is a plan to renovate the Ghazipur flower market.

In the meeting of Delhi Agricultural Marketing Board, Agriculture Minister Gopal Rai said that with this budget of huge amount, many new projects in all the mandis including Ghazipur, Azadpur, Tikri Khampur will get momentum.

Rejuvenation of Azadpur Mandi

At present, many farmers come to Azadpur Mandi to sell vegetables and fruits. Sometimes they have to stay for a day or two. For this reason, a Kisan Bhawan has been built in Azadpur Mandi so that farmers can stay there. Hence to improve the facilities for farmers, the Kisan Bhawan of Azadpur Mandi will be renovated. 

CCTV cameras in all mandis

CCTV cameras will be installed in all the mandis for surveillance. This will ensure safety and security alongside help in keeping an eye on mandi activities. Apart from this, this will help in identifying people visiting mandis. 

Different budgets for different mandis 

  1. APMC Azadpur – 178.73 Crore
  2. Fruit/Vegetable Market Ghazipur – 13.34 Crore
  3. FP & EMC Ghazipur – 13.96 Crore
  4. Phool Mandi Ghazipur – 8 Crore
  5. APMC Keshopur – 18.91 Crore
  6. APMC Narela – 45.03 Crore
  7. APMC Najafgarh – 5.32 Crore
  8. DAMB – 193.57 Crore

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