4 Advantages Of Onion Trading On Bijak App

commission agent doing onion trade on the Bijak app Bijak app - the ideal app for onion traders

As per the current data, India is the 2nd largest producer of onions in the world. In the year 2020-21 India exported onions worth ₹2,826.5 crores to countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and UAE. It is one of the most used vegetables in India and it stays in demand throughout the year. In fact, onions are cultivated thrice a year in our country to keep up with this high demand.

Agritrade includes many stakeholders, the most important ones being farmers, suppliers, commission agents, and buyers (including institutional buyers). They are engaged in activities such as supplying or buying commodities in mandis and this is how agri trade has been conducted for decades. However, there are some challenges. One, most agri traders only deal with familiar traders and mandis. This restricts their trade as it can be difficult to get the desired rates for their commodities. Similarly, they face challenges with finding working capital and timely and reliable transportation too. Therefore, Indian traders are now expanding their businesses by going for agri-trading apps like Bijak.

Many onion traders have taken their businesses to the Bijak app for better onion trading. So today, let’s see how the Bijak app is creating a better onion trading ecosystem for Indian traders.

Bijak – The all-in-one Onion Trading solution for onion traders

Bijak is a well-known agri-trading platform in the Indian agricultural market. Already it’s India’s No.1 Agri Trading platform and now it’s improving the trading ecosystem for onion traders. The success of the Bijak app lies in its features which give onion traders an all-in-one solution in one place. Some of the core Bijak app features are:

  • Marketplace
  • Mandi Rates
  • Bijak Credit
  • E-Bijak

Let’s learn about each feature in detail:

1. Marketplace – Find trusted Suppliers and Buyers from all over India

Getting the right product at the right price or selling it to the right buyer is a hefty task. Traders have to visit their local mandis regularly to connect with new buyers or suppliers. Even when they make new connections, they don’t always know how trustworthy the new counterparty is.

On the Bijak app, agri traders don’t have to worry about any of this. Thanks to Bijak’s vast network of verified traders, they can connect with suppliers and buyers from all over India. Bijak does verification of these traders by doing their KYC and other background checks. Bijak also keeps track of their performance on the app and gives them ratings accordingly. A trader can choose to connect with other traders by checking their ratings. This directly gives their businesses a bigger geographical boost because now they can trade outside their local mandis.

Bijak Marketplace
Bijak Marketplace

2. E-Mandi – Stay updated with mandi rates

It can be a difficult task for a trader to take his business outside his state. For example, to sell or buy onions in a different area, a trader would need to know the latest mandi rates of that area. On the Bijak app, traders can instantly access the latest mandi prices with a few clicks thanks to the ‘Mandi Rates’ feature.

This feature tells the latest mandi rates for 500+ commodities from 2000+ Indian mandis. A trader can search for the price of his particular commodity in different mandis. By knowing the latest rates, he can deal with others fairly and make a good profit on his deal.

Bijak Mandi Rate
Bijak E-Mandi

3. Bijak Credit – Make quick payments

Bijak app has a feature called ‘Bijak Credit’ for buyers. It is a credit-based feature used to make quick payments to the supplier. A trader will get the credit after completion of his KYC. It is given on the basis of his ratings and transaction history on the app. Once a trader gets Bijak Credit, he can use it anytime to pay suppliers and expand his business. It is a useful feature for traders because it allows them to pay the supplier instantly and process with the deal. For ease of business, many traders pay with Bijak Credit and pay back the amount to Bijak within 24 hours.

Bijak Credit
Bijak Credit

4. E-Bijak – Store digital bijak as proof

Not a lot of people in mandis give proper invoices. It is usually in the form of handwritten receipts. Sometimes traders face a lot of problems in payments and placing orders because of a lack of proper documentation.

Bijak has given traders the ‘E-Bijak’ feature to tackle this problem. E-Bijak is a digital invoice that a trader can make at any time. Also, he can store it on the app or download it for future reference. While creating an order for a supplier or buyer, the trader can create an E-Bijak as proof of that order for future use.


The world around us is changing rapidly. Today, technology plays a major part in business growth. That’s why many traders have started their journeys with the Bijak app. These traders have seen significant growth in their businesses because of the features provided by Bijak.

So, why are you still waiting on?

Download the Bijak app on your Android/IOS device and experience a new and innovative way of onion trading. Bijak is India’s most trusted agri-trading app that acts as a meeting point for Farmers, Commission Agents, and Suppliers for 100+ commodities. You may call us at 8588998844 or email us at contact@bijak.in. You could also download our app from Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

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