Top 8 Onion Varieties Of India (Infographic)

Top 8 Onion Varieties Top 8 Onion Varieties Grown In India

Onion belongs to the ‘Amaryllis’ family of plants that are grown for their edible bulbs. This bulbous vegetable is known for its distinctive flavour and pungency. Onions have gained importance as a cash crop because of their high export potential not just in India, but in other countries too. India is a leading producer of onions and contributes to about 22.83% of the overall onion production in the world.

The commercially grown varieties of onions are classified below:

Commercially grown varieties of onions in India
Commercially grown varieties of onions in India

The cultivation of onions requires some level of skill and expertise. The quality of the onions produced also depends on various environmental factors like photoperiod, temperature, etc. Keeping this in view, research institutes have developed improved varieties of onions suitable for particular regions and seasons. These improved varieties are Bhima Super, Bhima Dark Red, Bhima Red, Bhima Shweta, and Bhima Shubhra.

According to APEDA, below are the major varieties of onions cultivated in India:

Top 8 Varieties of Onion
Top 8 varieties of onion grown in India

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